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1920 Milestones foreward.png
The foreword of the 1920 Ward-Belmont yearbook, Milestones. This was published after 18 August 1920, when Tennessee became the needed state to ratify the 19th Amendment.

1914 Milestones Eva Sutton.png
Eva is from Missouri and truly she has to be "shown." She appears to be very quiet but just mention "woman suffrage" and her tongue is loosed. She is ambitious and works hard and the only thing that calls her from her Chemistry is a suffrage…

29 April 1920 Hyphen.png
Doctor Hollinshead gave us a most beneficial and sincere talk on "patriotism" at our last club meeting. He impressed upon us the fact that equal suffrage has given us the right to vote, by which we can use our influence inputting honorable, capable…

27 November 1914 Hyphen.png
Instead of the regular Sunday-school services last Sunday week, Ward-Belmont listened to lectures by three noted speakers from the Suffragist Convention.
Miss Mary Johnson, the author, gave a very optimistic talk in which she told of the three great…

25February1919 Hyphen.png
Is it unpatriotic to criticize the proposed Peace Plan and League of Nations?
What do you think of Senator Borah from Idaho, who refused President Wilson's invitation to dine with him and the Committee on Foreign Relations next Tuesday so they could…

24 November 1916 Hyphen.png
The women didn't vote in Sodom and Gomorrah,
No suffrage rights had they;
And this ought to fill the anti-suffs with horrah,
Where are them towns today?

24 March 1916 Hyphen.png
Women are citizens and wish to do their civic duty.
Working women need the ballot to regulate conditions under which they work.
Do working men think that they can protect themselves without the right to vote?
Housekeepers need the ballot to…

On Sunday afternoon at 5 o'clock Miss Townsend served tea in her studio to some of her friends who were in Nashville as delegates to the Suffrage Convention. Among those present were Miss Martin, of Montana, and Mrs. Townsend and Mrs. Page, of…

At the chapel service Monday morning, November 16, we had the unusual pleasure of hearing Rosalie Jones, better known as General Jones, of New York City.
Miss Jones spoke of her delight in speaking to a body of students, and of the fact that the…

New York, March 6-- Nearly twice as many persons as left New York for the inauguration of President Wilson are now pouring into this city from Washington, according to the estimates of railroad authorities. The oddity is explained by the estimate of…

Last Thursday Mrs. Solon Jacobs of Birmingham, Alabama, spoke to the assembled student body on women suffrage. Mrs. Jacobs, who attended Ward Seminary as a girl, is now President of the Women Suffrage League, and one of the foremost leaders in the…

The 1913 Milady in Brown yearbook (Belmont College for Young Women) was the only year that featured the Equal Suffrage League in the "Club" section. Other yearbooks around this time mention students who are particularly engaged in the Suffrage…
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